The Law of Succession

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The Law of Succession

The Law of Succession is concerned with the law of wills and the administration of deceased estates.  The applicable principles vary depending upon whether the deceased dies with or without a will. In both cases however, the distribution of the estate may also be affected by a claim for family provision brought by those who are not named in the will under statute law.

In this course we will consider the relevant statutory principles and case authorities in the administration of deceased estates.

 Participants will have the opportunity to simulate a succession problem in class with practice drafting wills and doing communication exercises to enable the participant to provide professional advice to clients. 

Topics to be covered:Terminology and general framework of succession law (Termini chiave nel diritto successorio inglesi)

  1. Succession in the UK (Successioni in UK)
  2. Intestate succession
  3. Testate succession
  • The mental element
  • Formal requirements
  • The rectification power
  • Revocation of wills
  • Obliterations, interlineations and alterations
  • Republication and revival of will
  • Family provision

4. Inheritance tax (Imposta sulle succession)

For further details send an email to to express an interest in this course scheduled for 2017.

Visit our site for details by clicking here The Law of Succession


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