Real Property Transactions and Conveyancing Practice & Procedure Masterclass

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Real Property is concerned with the law relating to interests in land.  Such interests are binding not only for the parties who entered into a contractual relationship but also on third parties. Such third parties may include the mortgagor/mortgagee and landlord/tenant relationships, as well as those affected by the operation of easements and restrictive covenants of neighbouring property.

What are the priorities between competing interests in land?  It is possible for several persons to have such competing interests.  We will examine the role of competing interests through common law rules and equitable principles.

The objective of the course is to give students an understanding of the law of Real Property.  In addition, students will develop problem-solving skills by applying the law to factual situations through case studies.

In our course of Conveyancing Practice and Procedure we will be involved with practical issues of conveyancing. We will learn how to transfer property in the UK, register a mortgage, place a caveat on the title and so on. We will also refer to relevant case law and consider various issues of contract law and equity.


  1. The language of real property: key terms and expressions (Termini chiave nel diritto immobiliare)
  2. Ownership of land in UK: freehold and leasehold (I diritti di proprietà su immobile in UK: freehold e leasehold)
  3. Real property conveyancing in UK, from contract to completion (Il trasferimento di immobile, dal contratto all’atto conclusivo)
  4. Stamp duty land tax (Profili fiscali)


For further details send an email to to express an interest in this course scheduled for 2017.

Visit our website for further details Property Law & Conveyancing



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