Are you an accountant? Do you want to become a CPA ?

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pexels-photo-267582.jpegAre you an Italian ‘commercialista’ ?

Do you want to become a CPA ?

What are the requirements for becoming a CPA? 


The CPA scheme is an American qualification for accountants (commercialisti). The CPA scheme is run by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). To become a CPA you must meet the requirements of the state where you wish to practice. The requirements are administered by the state boards of accountancy.

Generally speaking, to qualify you need to have:-

  1. Studied accountancy at a college or university;
  2. pass the CPA Examination, which consists of four (4) sections. These sections consist of (i) Business law and professional responsibilities; (ii) Auditing; (iii) Accounting and Reporting – Taxation, Managerial and Governmental and NFP Organisations
  3. Financial Accounting and Reporting – Business Enterprises.
  4. Have the professional work experience in public accounting.

Most state professional bodies require accountants to also do continuing professional development each year to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest developments and know-how.

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Legal English and Common Law for International Practitioners – 1 June – 4 June 2017, Bologna, Italy

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This course is aimed at lawyers, notaries, accountants, in-house counsel and other professional advisers who wish to master their skills in international business.

This course is the first stepping-stone for any practitioner advising clients with business affairs in the UK or clients planning to diversify their activities with a global perspective. 

The course is also suitable for students or practitioners thinking of qualifying as a solicitor under the QLTS scheme in the UK, or sitting for the TOLES examination (The Official Legal English Examination).

This course will be held from 1 June 2017 – 4 June 2017 in Bologna for a total of 20 hours in-class face to face lectures and workshops. 

The head -trainer, Sofia Parastatidou, is admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales and a leading Legal English Trainer in Italy. 

The topics to be covered in this course include:- 

  1. Introduction to the common law system and the English Legal Profession
  2. Contracts Law & Terminology
  3. Introduction to Tort Law & Terminology
  4. UK Company Law 
  5. Real Property Transactions and Conveyancing in the UK
  6. Succession in the UK (wills and probate)
  7. Trusts in the UK 
  8. Introduction to Tax and Accounting in the UK
  9. Brexit and the Implications for the Legal Profession and their clients
  10. Case Studies, Role Plays and practical exercises 

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Detailed Program and Registration (Click here)

Accounting and Business Accounts (QLTS MODULE)

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In the Accounting and Business Accounts module, we will be learning about the basic principles of business accounting. Students will learn how to interpret business accounts to ensure that clients are appropriately advised.

The Learning Objectives are: –

  • Understanding the terms used and basic accounting concepts
  • To be familiar with how accounting data is used to prepare a profit and loss account and a balance sheet
  • Understanding the construction of and be able to analyse and interpret a simple balance sheet and profit and loss account of a sole trader, partnership and limited company
  • Understand the nature of shareholders’ funds (equity)

Topics to be covered include:-

  1. International Accounting Principles
  2. Explaining Accounts and key terms – Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss and Income Statement
  3. International Taxation Planning and different types of tax (corporate income tax, VAT, stamp duty)
  4. Accountant /Auditor – Client Relationship
  5. Leading cases


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Course details for 2017 will be available shortly. 






‘English for Accountants’ per Commercialisti Italiani

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Questo corso si rivolge ai Dottori Commercialisti ed agli Esperti Contabili che desiderano migliorare l’uso della lingua inglese nell’ambito delle loro competenze professionali.


  • International Accounting Principles (Principi contabili internazionali)
  • Explaining Accounts and key terms – Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss and Income Statement (Analisi di bilancio  e termini chiavi)
  • International Taxation Planning and different types of tax (corporate income tax, VAT, stamp duty) (Pianificazione fiscale internazionale e tipi di imposte)
  • Transfer pricing and case study (il Transfer pricing e caso pratico)
  • Accountant /Auditor – Client Relationship(Commercialista e Revisore contabile e rapporto col cliente)
  • Overview of business structures in common law system – Tipi societari (public company, limited liability company, sole trader, partnerships)
  • How to become a CPA (Chartered Accountant) (significato e percorso professionale di un CPA)
  • How to write effective business letters to colleagues and clients in English (Corrispondenza professionale con clienti e colleghi stranieri)

For further information or to join the mailing list please send an email to Course details for 2017 will be available shortly.