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Did you know that contracts have 7 Stages ?

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It is said that contracts go through a 7-stage process. These are:-

1. Specification

2. Make – Buy

3. Source – Award

4. Implementation

5. Operate

6. End options

7. Lessons

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Legal English and Common Law for International Practitioners – 1 June – 4 June 2017, Bologna, Italy

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This course is aimed at lawyers, notaries, accountants, in-house counsel and other professional advisers who wish to master their skills in international business.

This course is the first stepping-stone for any practitioner advising clients with business affairs in the UK or clients planning to diversify their activities with a global perspective. 

The course is also suitable for students or practitioners thinking of qualifying as a solicitor under the QLTS scheme in the UK, or sitting for the TOLES examination (The Official Legal English Examination).

This course will be held from 1 June 2017 – 4 June 2017 in Bologna for a total of 20 hours in-class face to face lectures and workshops. 

The head -trainer, Sofia Parastatidou, is admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales and a leading Legal English Trainer in Italy. 

The topics to be covered in this course include:- 

  1. Introduction to the common law system and the English Legal Profession
  2. Contracts Law & Terminology
  3. Introduction to Tort Law & Terminology
  4. UK Company Law 
  5. Real Property Transactions and Conveyancing in the UK
  6. Succession in the UK (wills and probate)
  7. Trusts in the UK 
  8. Introduction to Tax and Accounting in the UK
  9. Brexit and the Implications for the Legal Profession and their clients
  10. Case Studies, Role Plays and practical exercises 

Further details and a detailed program are available by emailing or completing the form below.

Detailed Program and Registration (Click here)

Commercial Transactions (QLTS Module)

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justiceIn this module, participants will be learning how to handle and progress basic business transactions arising during the life and development of a business.

The Learning Outcomes of this core practice area are: –

  • Progress common business transactions and advise and take steps relating to the business’s on-going operations
  • Advise on entering into contracts on behalf of the business (including issues arising from contracts in which directors have an interest)
  • Advise on steps to protect the assets of the business
  • Advise on issues arising from basic finance and lending
  • Draft notices, agendas and minutes of meetings and complete and file routine statutory forms and maintain and up-date statutory books
  • Advise on taxation of profits (income and capital) generated and distributed by the business
  • Demonstrate the appreciation of the continuing duties, obligations and liabilities of the business and of its partners, directors and shareholders
  • Advise on the options for and claims arising on insolvency (eg bankruptcy, winding up and administration)
  • Draft and review documentation to give effect to transactions

Following the completion of this module, participants will be able to

(a)  to learn the law relating to common commercial transactions;

(b)  to use legal principles to solve problems arising from those transactions; and

(c)  to advise clients about those problems in a straightforward, business-like manner.

Topics include:-

  1. Types of Personal Property
  2. Transfer of Possession
  3. Bailment
  4. Transfer of Ownership
  5. Supply of Personal Property
  6. Convention of International Sale of Goods (Vienna Convention) Article 67,68,69
  7. UNIDROIT Principles – Incoterms
  8. Finance
  9. Risk Management and Risk Allocation (Security, Reservation of Title, Insurance, Subrogation)
  10. Negotiable Instruments – Bills of Exchange, Cheques

For further details or join the mailing list, send an email to or visit our site by clicking here Commercial Transactions – QLTS details.

Details for courses in 2017 will be available soon.