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International Franchise Law & Practice – Masterclass

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One of the most popular business models used today to expand globally is franchising.

We have developed this course to assist the practitioner and their client to understand the complexities of this type of business expansion.

The International Franchising Law Masterclass is comprised of the following topic areas:

  1. Different business models in the franchising system
  2. Business format of franchising
  3. The impact of different cultures and legal systems of international franchising
  4. The effect of a wide range of laws which govern franchising such as franchising laws, codes of conduct, trademark protection, dispute resolution
  5. New developments in taxation avoidance and minimisation and the impact it has on business models.

More specifically, we will be looking at:-

  1. Definition of franchising.
  2. Assessing a franchise business for suitability of transport to overseas jurisdictions.
  3. The role of legal advisers in the business decision to expand a franchise to a new country.
  4. Comparison of Business Models (organics, agents, distributors, licencing, franchising, joint ventures, master franchisees)
  5. Franchising and the concept of culture
  6. Building and protecting the brand
  7. Due diligence
  8. Brand Due Diligence
  9. Role of advisers in due diligence
  10. Contents of a franchising agreement
  11. Obligations of franchisor and franchisee
  12. Other important terms in a franchise agreement
  13. Due Diligence Considerations
  14. Carve-outs
  15. Comparative session – Italy v UK
  16. International Franchise Laws and Regulations
  17. Franchise Business Structures
  18. Expansion in franchising
  19. Legal Issues in negotiation matters
  20. Intellectual Property Issues
  21. Protection of Trade Marks
  22. Real Property considerations – Leases and licences
  23. Dispute Resolution
  24. Alternative dispute resolution – mediation and arbitration
  25. Forum and choice of Law
  26. Factors in dispute resolution
  27. The future of franchising
  28. Social Franchising
  29. Exit Strategies – selling, insolvency, buyouts, public listing, venture capitalists

The students will be learning the above through caselaw and practice case studies to apply the concepts to real practical situations.

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Intellectual Property Law Masterclass

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Philosophical and economic underpinnings lie behind Intellectual Property Law.

The law of intellectual property includes the areas of copyright, design, patents, confidential information, business reputation and trademarks.

In the Intellectual Property Law Masterclass, we will be studying key policy issues, the rationale and role of intellectual property law.

We will examine the overlap between areas of protection, the growing importance of obligations under international treaties and the interaction of intellectual property law with other areas such as competition law and contract law.

For each category of intellectual property, we will be learning about how the rights arise, the nature of the rights protected, ownership and exploitation. Finally, we will study infringement types and what remedies are available to owners of IP.

In particular, the Masterclass will cover: –

  1. Introduction and history of intellectual property
  2. International aspects of intellectual property protection
  3. International Treaties & UK statues and the system in the US
  4. Common Law principles and the protection of intellectual property
  1. Copyright principles and protection
  2. Copyright Assignment and Licensing
  3. Copyright Infringement, Defences and Remedies
  1. Industrial Designs & Requirements for registration
  2. Infringement of Design, Defences and Remedies
  1. Patents principles and protection
  2. Infringement of Patents, Defences and Remedies
  1. Confidential information and principles
  2. Remedies for breach of confidential information in contract and equity
  3. Defences for breach of confidential information and Remedies
  1. Business Reputation and principles in the action of passing off
  2. Misrepresentation, Association, Sponsorship and endorsement
  1. Trade Marks elements and principles
  2. History of Trademarks at common law and international conventions
  3. Classes of designated goods and services
  4. Trade Mark registration and elements necessary for registration
  5. Grounds for opposition to registration
  6. Licensing of Trade Marks
  7. Infringement, Defences and Remedies
  1. Domain names and new technology issues
  1. The Future of IP

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Criminal Law and Procedure (Masterclass)

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This course provides the student with an understanding of the general principles of criminal law, together with a detailed knowledge of the application of these principles in respect of major crimes.

The student is also introduced to aspects of pre-trial criminal procedure, including police powers of arrest, search, seizure and interrogation.

The objectives of the course are:

  • to introduce students to aspects of pre-trial criminal procedure with a view to appreciating the competing public policy considerations of crime control and individual liberty and
  • to provide students with a basic understanding of the general principles of criminal responsibility through an appreciation of criminal law theory, and the study of major crimes and defences

The topics to be studied include:-

  1. Introduction to general principles of criminal responsibility
  2. Property Offences
  3. Assault
  4. Sexual Assault
  5. Homicide
  6. Mens Rea
  7. Involuntary Manslaughter
  8. Provocation
  9. Self Defence
  10. Duress
  11. Necessity
  12. Insanity
  13. Diminished Responsibility
  14. Automatism
  15. Intoxication
  16. Strict Liability and mistake of fact
  17. Complicity
  18. Attempt
  19. Pre-trial criminal procedure

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Often professionals need to advice their clients in a variety of fields including intellectual property law.

In this mini-class we will be studying the main areas of intellectual property including copyright, patents and trademarks.

We will study landmark cases and learn the key legal terms in IP.

In this Mini-Class we will study: –

  1. Definitions of different types of intellectual property
  2. Types of Agreement and Contracts – Licensing
  3. Breaches of Intellectual Property
  4. Damages
  5. Injunctions
  6. Amending an Agreement
  7. IP Rights and the Internet
  8. Case Law
  9. Role -Play – Negotiating an Agreement

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The course deals with risk management and personal insolvency (bankruptcy) and corporate insolvency (covering both liquidation and non-liquidation arrangements).

We will examine the law from a UK and US perspective.

We will be studying different types of risks and learning essential terms before turning to the insolvency aspects of our studies.

In this course, we will be learning: –

  • Types of Risks
  • Risks in Management
  • Essential Terms in Risk Management
  • Essential Terms in Insolvency
  • Company Law Overview
  • Insolvency Law in UK and US and the grounds for winding up a company
  • Statutory Demands and Creditors Petitions
  • Debtors Petitions
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements
  • Liquidator’s powers and duties and the administration of the winding up
  • Assets available to the liquidator
  • Voidable transactions
  • Insolvent trading actions

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Call for Papers – International Law Symposium – 2017 Bologna, Italy

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20405_10153013299407992_9077054412181082416_nInternational Events and Law Conferences are proud to announce that the International Law Symposium – 2017 will be held in Bologna, Italy from 6 – 9 July 2017.

If you are interested in participating as a presenter, please complete and return the attached Call for Papers Application form.

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International Events and Law Conferences- Website

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International Events and Law ConferencesInternational Events and Law Conferences – Website – Visit our website and explore the training courses we have been developing for your professional needs. The programme for 2017 will be released shortly.

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