Negotiations can lead to liability …beware…

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Are you negotiating contracts ? Do you know how to avoid liability during negotiations ?

You could find yourself not only bound in contract but liable for representations made during negotiations even if you have not signed an agreement or even written the agreement out.

So how can you avoid liability during negotiations ? How does this situation work in your jurisdiction.

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Verona: Negotiation and Mediation Legal Course

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Coming to the last lesson in this cycle of lessons on Negotiation and Mediation. Tomorrow we will be speaking about all the soft skills a practitioner needs to have to bring about the most optimal results.

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Confucius did say…

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confucius sitting

‘I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand’

Tip 1-Negotiating through active listening

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According to Fisher and Ury in their book ‘Getting to Yes’, there are three major problems in communication. 

  1. People may not be talking to each other. Frequently, when parties are disputing, they have given up on talking to each other and no longer trying to attempt any serious communication.
  2. People do not pay enough attention to what other people are saying. This leads to misunderstandings which are compounded not only by different languages but also cultures. 

So what is the solution ?

Fisher & Ury talk about active listening. Active listening involves acknowledging what has been said and question your assumptions. Understanding is not agreeing but you need to demonstrate to the other side that you understand their point of view, and this will in turn make them open to listening to your point of view. 

This reciprocity is hoped will lead to maximizing your chances of having a constructive solution to the problem. 

Written by #Sofia Parastatidou (copyright and all other rights reserved).

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Does Grammar matter ?

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#Thought of the Day – Michael Swan

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“Theory is when you know everything and nothing works; practice is when everything works and you don’t know why!”book-1261800__340

Michael Swan.

#legalenglish Summer School- 2017

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details coming soonAdvokat,_Engelsk_advokatdräkt,_Nordisk_familjebok